Ian Howard: Gear dynamic modelling for improved reliability and monitoring



  :Ian Howard 教授

工作单位:Curtin University(澳大利亚科廷大学)



Ian Howard, 1988年博士毕业于澳大利亚西澳大学,从1994年开始一直在科廷大学任教,目前是科廷大学机械工程系教授,博士生导师,兼任科廷大学机械工程系工业咨询委员会主席。他的研究方向是机械振动和旋转机械的故障诊断,发表学术论文100余篇,谷歌学术H-index为15,论文他引次数是1225次,在其研究领域方面受资助的项目总经费为305万澳元。在学术兼职方面,Ian Howard教授担任过第六届澳大利亚力学大会主席,是Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Mechanism and Machine Theory, Institute of Physics, Journal of Vibration and Control, Proceedings of the Institution on Mechanical Engineers等国际期刊的审稿人。


Gears are a fundamental component of modern transmission systems in many facets of industry including transportation, energy, marine, mining and aerospace. The design of gears has various aspects that must be considered including the tooth form, surface finish and stiffness, all of which affect the dynamic behaviour during operation. This presentation will outline some of the recent work on gear dynamic modelling of gears and gear transmission systems including the development of accurate meshing stiffness models for spur and planetary systems. Examples of case studies with localized gear faults will also be provided showing how advanced sensors and signal processing methods can be utilized for early detection of faults within gear transmission systems.


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